About Slim Goodbody

Slim Goodbody on stage with children

Slim Goodbody, the costumed character created by John Burstein, has been championing children’s health for over forty years.  Currently, his productions are seen by millions of children on Discovery Education. His live show shows tour theaters around the country reaching thousands of children every year. In addition, Slim is the author of fifty children’s books. His work has been honored with awards from Parent’s Choice, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and the World Health Organization.

Slim’s Series Have Been Seen On…


"Bodyology was the best fieldtrip ever! Our students learned so much about the body, body parts, and their functions. It all fit right in with our curriculum on health and nutrition. We were able to stand up and dance and move with Slim Goodbody. The children were singing the songs for weeks!"

Michelle Culbertson, Trinity School, Georgia

"Great, lively, exciting, attention getting, informative! Enjoyed the audience participation."

Ka Gagne, Ford River School, Bark River, MI

"The Bodyology show was a fun and highly engaging performance filled with song, dance and music all inspired by state standards and grade appropriate curriculum. The students still talk of it today as something they will never forget. Thanks, Slim."

Kathryn Seifert, Calusa Park Elementary School, Florida

"I thought it was fantastic. He really explained the body systems in fun and meaningful ways."

Terrie Smith, The Wise Academy, Texas

"The Bodyology show was, without a doubt, one of the best I have ever seen. The show is definitely a great venue to educate young students about the importance of taking care of and learning about their bodies."

Tim Niser, Valley Oaks Charter School, CA

"The children loved the program. There was a perfect balance of information and interaction."

Diane LaMothe, Presentation of Mary Academy